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Elevate your brand with our fully customized video production services.

How it works

Our simple process


At our briefing, which is held in person if possible, we will carefully examine your company or product. What are your communication goals? Our check-list will help both you and us collect the most important information.


You’re certain to have a few more questions or requests before we get started. That is exactly why your personal customer advisor will be at your side from the beginning on. Your advisor will listen to you first before providing you with comprehensive guidance – no question will remain unanswered.


Illustration, editing and animation – our animators will now conjure up an animated explainer video from the storyboard as part of the Test, Premium and Handmade versions. An original Handmade video is of course carefully hand-crafted, meaning it is produced by a team consisting of more than five people and a director in our studio. Afterwards, our specialists will edit and add sound to your Handmade video before making it available to you in every possible format.


For small, mid-size or large budgets

We’ve got something for everybody!


Two minutes/A text of up to 200 words

Whiteboard animation

A voice-over of your choice

The commercial rights upon acceptance


No feedback loops

Delivery within six working days


Two minutes/A text of up to 200 words

Whiteboard/Cartoon or Flat design animation technique

A voice-over of your choice

The commercial rights upon acceptance

Background music

Seven feedback loops

Delivery within six working days

Over 5,000 graphics

Script coordination


Corporate identity


One minute/A text of up to 100 words

Individual style

A voice-over of your choice

Background music

Sound effects

Illustrations using Ai

Nine feedback loops

Delivery within 25 working days

Corporate identity

TV-Spots & image films


Three style-frames

Sound design

3D style


Stop-motion graphics

A small sample of our customers


More than a Video Production Company. A Partner.

Elevate your brand with our fully customized video production services.

What our customers say:

“We were very satisfied working together with Rielis Media. The communication was excellent and very friendly. The final result was superb too and was finished faster than expected!”
Sven Gerhardus
“Working together with Rielis Media was exceptional and highly professional. The result fully met my expectations and has been well received by our customers.”
Gerald Fischer
“Owing to the initial, highly satisfactory projects Rielis Media completed for us, we have decided to expand our cooperation with them and will realise many more ventures together in future. “
Bernhard Dillhof M.A
Rielis Media’s way of working is extremely professional. They approach every project with heart and passion. We really appreciated their uncomplicated way of communicating.”
Mag. Patrick Schlager
Swiss Life Select

Do you still have questions? Maybe our FAQs can help you!

The most important question of all! After you have received your video, you can keep it for 30 days in order to decide what you think about your new asset. Should you like your video, you can purchase it for a reasonable price. Should you not be in contact or not like the video, the 30-day trial version will end and you will no longer have access to your video.

An explainer video is a very cost-intensive business. Graphics, voice-over artists, music and much more all go into such a piece of work. The average market price for an explainer video currently stands at around 7999 £ (You are welcome to google this!) We can offer you this video for the one-off price of 999,99 £! (Voice-over, editing, music etc. included.

Yes, you can. We can offer you the opportunity to pay for the video in three instalments. However, this is not possible with the Handmade version.

Yes, you can! We have around 40 voice-over artists (male and female) available for you to choose from. You’re certain to know some of them from TV advertisements. One of them, for example, is the lady from the Wella advertisement.

The 30-day trial version may not be longer than two minutes (200 words). Since voice-over artists are very expensive, we must make economical use of our resources. Should you require a longer video, simply give us a call and we will find a solution together!

Every person or company has the opportunity to try out one explainer video each. This explainer video may include a maximum of 200 words. Please note that the trial version includes a revision of the animation. The speaker’s text can only be recorded again in return for an additional charge.

It is also the case sometimes that highly technical and difficult requests are made which we are unable to offer free of charge. In the event of such requests or requests from companies that are not located in the DACH area, we will provide you with a quotation. Every quotation which is accepted will be treated as a regular order. That is to say, the 30-day trial version is not available in such cases. Furthermore, the 30-day trial version is also restricted to companies with a valid VAT Identification Number. (B2B) That is to say, private persons may not take up the offer.

No, the exact opposite. Since explainer videos are very expensive and have become one of the most important tools in video marketing today, we have decided to take on all of the video agencies that demand thousands of euros for products you might not even like and who keep your money nonetheless.

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